• Fundraising to fund long term shelter beds for our local homeless that want help.  

  • Legislative Committee - to advocate homelessness issues with elected officials. 

  • Homeless Connect - Establish a community of outreach volunteers to help identify our homeless and the services they need.

  • Hold community meetings to keep the community informed and involved.




To date MBSAFE has gathered all interested people in our community for the following informational events.


  • June 2019 - MBSAFE introduced the community to our organization, our board members and our mission of finding compassionate solutions to Manhattan Beach's homeless while keeping all residents and public places safe for all. 

  • August 2019 - We featured Rita Crabtree-Kampe to talk about how to approach, engage and help the homeless in our community.

  • September 2019 - Emily Martinek, a former homeless woman who shared her story of mental illness and homelessness who ultimately, successfully got services and housing and turned her life around. An interesting and stimulating conversation followed.

  • October 2019 - MBSAFE hosted an informational booth at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.

  • January 2020 - MBSAFE screened "A Night In Jail", an award-winning film that explors the association between drug addiction, mental ilness, and homelessness.​

  • February 2020 - Rita Crabtree-Kampe and Dr. Hahn How to Talk to Your Children About Homelessness

  • September 2020 - George Gabriel and Rita Crabtree-Kampe, Zoom discussion on Manhattan Beach response to homelessness to date and what the community members can do to get engaged.

Upcoming Events


STATE HOMELESSNESS FUNDING And What it Means for Los Angeles

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2021 AT 7 PM – 8:15 PM
















Representing our 33rd Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, Mr. Lieu will talk with us about federal and state funding for homelessness issues. How will the funds be allocated to various needs, such as mental health, shelters, short-term housing and permanent housing? What is the timing and rationale for the allocation? There will also be an opportunity to discuss topics such as what is happening at the Los Angeles VA campus, a long-time interest of Mr. Lieu.

Hosted by: Pacific Palisades Homeless Task Force

Please join in listening and asking questions of our representative!

Register Here: