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  • Fundraising: Raise funds for beds in SHARE Housing; Family reunification and support for those who are homeless 

  • Legislative Activities - Advocate homelessness issues with elected officials. 

  • Homeless Connect - Establish a community of outreach volunteers to help identify homeless and connect them to services.

  • Education Committee-Engage and Inform the community on topics related to homelessness



  • Manhattan Beach response to homelessness to date and what the community members can do to get engaged.

  • Dr. Hahn How to Talk to Your Children About Homelessness

  • MBSAFE introduced the community to our organization, our board members and our mission of finding compassionate solutions to Manhattan Beach's homeless while keeping all residents and public places safe for all. 

  • MBSAFE hosted an informational booth at the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.

  • MBSAFE screened "A Night In Jail", an award-winning film that explores the association between drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness.​

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