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Meet Ramone - Our beach cities homeless coordinator from Harbor Interfaith

On September 27, 2021 MBSafe held a community meeting introducing Ramone Rendon, the Harbor Interfaith Beach Cities Coordinator for homeless solutions. Ramone took us through the step by step process of engaging with people living on our streets, from initial and follow up contacts through setting them up with needed services and housing. He informed us about who the people are experiencing homelessness here and the efforts being made to restore them to a more dignified life and keep our city safe. He gave us concrete ways for the community to stay involved and what we all can do to stay on top of this matter.... when to call police, what other services are available to call and when to call them and how to approach someone we see living on our streets.

This video is a recording the zoom meeting. Please watch and share with other friends and neighbors. We hope to see you at our next community forum!


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