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Ghost Town Management Sweeps Away Encampment, Reclaims Lincoln and Rose from Homelessness

Following the City of Los Angeles' weekly cleanup operation at Lincoln and Rose Avenue, Ghost Town Management has been instrumental in preventing unhoused individuals from returning to the areas they were cleared from. Through dialogues with the unhoused in the days leading up to and following the cleanup, Ghost Town Management facilitated their departure by employing various strategies, including financial assistance to help individuals reconnect with family or relocate. This particular section of Venice has been significantly impacted by the presence of unhoused individuals. Ghost Town Management's intervention has led to a notable decrease in the homeless population in the area. The company's approach not only involves removing individuals from the streets but also providing financial aid to support their transition to better living conditions. In a detailed conversation with Yo! Venice, Bobby and Ricky from Ghost Town Management delved into the company's mission and services. They highlighted their dedication to resolving the issue of street encampments and RVs in a manner that respects the dignity and needs of all parties involved. The company has established itself as a key player in addressing Venice's homelessness issue, with Luna, a Venice resident since the 1930s, witnessing the growth and community integration of Ghost Town Management's efforts. Currently, the organization is managing the removal of nearly a dozen RVs. During their interview with Yo! Venice, Luna and Myers provided deeper insight into Ghost Town Management's methods for managing homeless encampments in Venice. They underscored the importance of their mediation services, designed to find mutually beneficial solutions for their clients and the unhoused individuals. As of now, the company has successfully cleared twenty-five encampments, with the cost of their services tailored to meet the unique requirements and situations of each case. Regarding the relocation of RVs, Ghost Town Management coordinates with vehicle owners to ensure the move aligns with their preferences, aiming for outcomes that are advantageous for everyone involved. Having operated for over a year, Ghost Town Management offers a comprehensive suite of services, including security for residences and events. When discussing the broader issue of homelessness in Venice and Los Angeles, Luna and Myers pointed to the climate, drug addiction, rehabilitation challenges, and individuals getting stranded as key factors. They advocate for addressing drug addiction and mental health issues as part of a strategy to facilitate positive changes in people's lives. Ghost Town Management grows through referrals, reflecting the community's support and recognition of their effective and compassionate services.

Fabian Lewkowicz is a Santa Monica-based photojournalist and press photographer, and the creator of the photo blog, Santa Monica Close Up.


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