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Disorganized data makes finding shelter beds and interim housing more difficult, LA city controller

 An analysis of interim housing and shelter bed data found that data quality issues make it nearly impossible to find available shelter beds, according to Los Angeles City Controller Kenneth Mejia's first full audit released Tuesday.


The City Controller's Office analyzed and reviewed current efforts by the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA) to gather, use and improve interim housing data.


According to Mejia, the data quality issues make it next to impossible for the city to have an "accurate picture" of how many beds the city actually has available, and how many are being utilized at any given time.


"Due to the extremely limited amount of interim housing beds within city limits, it is vital that we maximize their use and ensure that providers know, on an up-to-date and day-to-day basis, when beds become available," according to a statement from Mejia's office.


"Achieving this requires good quality data and a high level of coordination between outreach workers, program operators, and others to place participants into a shelter," the statement continued.


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