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Breaking News: Historic Settlement to Address Homelessness Crisis in Los Angeles County

In a groundbreaking development, Los Angeles County has reached a historic legal settlement with the LA Alliance for Human Rights to combat the ongoing homelessness crisis. The agreement pledges up to an estimated $850.5 million in additional funding to enhance services, outreach, and interim housing for the most vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness1.

Here are the key highlights of this momentous settlement:

  1. Additional Funding:

  • The County commits to allocate substantial resources, totaling up to $850.5 million, to address the urgent needs of those without shelter.

  • These funds will be utilized to increase the availability of beds, enhance services, and expand outreach efforts.

  1. Focus on Vulnerable Populations:

  • The settlement prioritizes individuals with mental health and substance use disorders who are currently homeless.

  • 3,000 additional beds will be provided specifically for this vulnerable group.

  1. Street-Based Outreach:

  • The County aims to extend its reach through street-based outreach programs.

  • These efforts will connect unsheltered individuals with essential services and support.

  1. Wraparound Services:

  • Beyond shelter, the settlement emphasizes the importance of comprehensive care.

  • Wraparound services will address not only immediate housing needs but also mental health and substance abuse challenges.

  1. Federal Court Approval:

  • A federal court has officially approved this groundbreaking settlement.

  • The decision underscores the County’s commitment to tackling homelessness head-on.

  1. LA Alliance’s Advocacy:

  • The LA Alliance for Human Rights played a pivotal role in advocating for this settlement.

  • Their tireless efforts have led to a significant step forward in the fight against homelessness.

This settlement represents a turning point in the County’s approach to homelessness. With increased funding, targeted services, and a focus on vulnerable populations, Los Angeles County is taking bold steps to address this critical issue.

Lee Phillips


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