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Angelenos taxed themselves to raise $1.2B to house homeless. Did it work?

In 2016, as the number of people living on the streets of Los Angeles climbed ever higher, Angelenos were itching for a solution to the city’s growing homelessness problem.

Asked to support a $1.2 billion bond measure to build affordable housing so that people living on the streets and those at risk of becoming homeless could have roofs over their heads, voters responded with a resounding “yes.” Prop. HHH passed with 77% of voter support that November, prompting Elise Buik, the HHH campaign co-chair and CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles, to declare, “help is on the way.”

But more than six years later, with the city’s homeless population roughly 1½ times what it was when the measure passed — and with fewer than half the units up and running — some are wondering whether Prop. HHH should be considered a success or a flop.

The short answer: depends on whom you ask.


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