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Looking for 2022 Homeless Count Volunteers

After a hiatus in 2021 the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count is once again on Jan 26th 2022. The Annual homeless count is mandated by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and helps gauge progress, trends, and shifts in homelessness. Individuals experiencing homelessness are counted and that data is used for developing effective interventions and targeting resources.

The federal government allowed Los Angeles County to cancel its 2021 homeless count because of the coronavirus epidemic. LAHSA says it is currently looking for volunteers to sign up for the Count. Thousands of community members across the greater Los Angeles will be needed to help with the count. The Manhattan Beach Count 2022 count is scheduled for:January 26, 08:00 PM - January 27, 12:00 AM

Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266

1601 N Valley Dr


January 26, 08:00 PM - January 27, 12:00 AM

Joslyn Community Center


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